Also known as business phone system, a PBX acts as the central switching system for phone calls within a business. PBX systems handle internal phone calls between co-workers and act as the gatekeeper to the outside world.

BMBC excels in connecting co-workers using both fixed IP phone stations and mobile smart phones. (Android and IOS devices).

Co-workers will be sharing access to limited resources. Rather than having a separate phone line for each phone. A business could share a small pool of lines across a much larger pool of employees.



VoIP (voice over IP) is the transmission of voice and multimedia content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. VoIP is enabled by a group of technologies and
methodologies used to deliver voice communications over the internet, enterprise local area networks or wide area networks.

Voice over IP ready


International SIP or IAX voice trunking is made available to reduce dramatically international calling related charges. International numbers are also available in 36 different countries to facilitate your communication with all international customers. International numbers can be used for both inbound and outbound calls.

Interactive voice response


The IVR system redirects inbound calls to a variety of preset choices like the operator or any other department. Welcome and announcement messages are fully customizable.

Voice messaging


Available as voice mail private boxes. For additional convenience, voice messages can also be redirected as e-mail attachement.

Desk to desk communication


Each fixed desk employee can benefit from a personal IP phone extension. Extension to extension calling is a free. This also applies for extension to extension calling in intra- company's setups. Phone extensions can be grouped into pools to create ringing groups. This feature allows an external call to be attended by any available member in a team. Calling policies limits specific employees to execute long distance or international calls. Phone extensions can be forwarded. Voice calls can be placed on hold, resumed or forwarded.

Intra-company trunking


Voice communication between the main office and the company's local and international branches can be realized. The voice communication is secured over VPN encrypted connections. Co-workers in different branches can benefit from a free desk to desk voice communication. Phone numbers located in the remote branch's area can be called at local rates.



Unchain workers from their desks. Employees on the move are constantly reachable on their extension which is carried on their smart phone. This feature reduces local phone bills and also roaming charges during international business trips. In addition, mobile workers will be able to call their customers from the company's landline.



One of the best ways to cut down on travel costs is teleconferencing. A big addition for team collaboration and communication efficiency.



Give your management group valuable data that can help make informed decisions. Create detailed logs and charts.

A PBX connects the internal telephones within a business and also connects them to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), VoIP Providers and SIP Trunks.

One of the latest tendencies in PBX phone system development is the VoIP PBX, also known as IP PBX, which uses the Internet Protocol to transmit calls.

Nowadays, there are four different PBX phone system options:

  • PBX
  • Hosted/Virtual PBX
  • IP PBX
  • Hosted/Virtual IP PBX

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